ABOUTAt Pepper & Tanky, we are committed to creating the highest quality Eau du Parfum for all dogs. Our mission is to provide exceptional products that are also safe and dog-friendly. Each fragrance is custom blended in France and uses only the finest natural oils available. We have designed a unique collection of Eau du Parfum that is perfect for every pooch!

Whether your dog likes to be a pampered pooch, or is a little more rough-and-tumble, we are confident your dog will take notice to how much you care! Pepper & Tanky will make your dog feel as if they've just been to the poshest spa, while keeping them smelling fresh in between grooming appointments and baths.

Pepper & Tanky is more than an Eau du Parfum for dogs. It's a token of love and appreciation for the furry companion who's always been there and shown unconditional love! Every dog should have one.™

Chrissy and Jazzy


50,000,000 BC: The canis lupis familiaris (puppy dog) roam the earth and immediately start causing mischief.

49,999,999 BC: Primitive dogs get extremely self conscious about their odor. Self esteem suffers greatly.

600 BC: The Kingdom of Armenia is established. Chrissy and Jazzy's ancestors celebrate. A lot.

601 BC: 1976 AD: Lots of stuff happens. Stuff does this. Stuff does that.

1977 AD: Jazzy is born in Armenia.

1980 AD: Chrissy's family makes the trek to America.

1980 AD: Chrissy is born in Boston, MA. (Go Sox.)

1980 AD: Jazzy's family moves to America and immediately takes advantage of the beachfront property in Los Angeles...

1983 AD: Having her fill of baked beans and non-rhotic accents, Chrissy and her family relocate to Los Angeles.

1984 AD: The stars align and Chrissy and Jazzy meet for the first time.

1985 AD: Jazzy's father, a jeweler, inspires her passion for craftsmanship and design, leading to a somewhat unhealthy obsession with beautiful, sparkly things. Jazzy's brother, Hovik follows in his Dad's footsteps!

1988 AD: Chrissy is confident Michael Dukakis' bid would had been successful had she been there to help. Unfortunately, Chrissy's mom forbids Chrissy from crossing the street without an adult and therefore, couldn't make the trek to D.C.

1991 AD: Pepper is welcomed into the world!

1993 AD: Chrissy and Jazzy take up residence at the Sherman Oaks Galleria. (Well, they might as well have.)

1995 AD: Chrissy and Jazzy work out a fair deal to share Sonny Corinthos from "General Hospital" once he realizes Carly isn't the one for him.

1993 AD: Chrissy, a member of the dance team, forces Jazzy to join in on her impromptu Vegas Showgirl chorus line... (A one and a two...)

1996 AD: Always the trendsetter, Jazzy attends FIDM before anyone even knows what "The Hills" is.

1998 AD: Chrissy works towards her degree in Political Science at UCLA. (Go Bruins.) Ruzanna, Chrissy's sister, an avid film buff with amazing business sense is called into the world of film-making!

1998 AD: Jazzy graduates and plunges into the world of fashion, working for various LA based women's contemporary designers. The fashionista eventually launches her own label.

1999 AD: Do-gooder! Chrissy moves to Geneva to continue her studies with the U.N.'s Human Rights Commission.

2000 AD: Not to be outdone, Tanky makes his debut, too.

2002 AD: After graduation, Chrissy makes her mark in the world of political fundraising.

2008 AD: Hovik, now a mogul in gold manufacturing, Ruzanna, also a mogul cranking our big box-office film hits bug the 'SISTAS' about what's next?

2008 AD: Chrissy and Jasmine's light bulb moment arrives. The pair bust loose of their 9-5 constraints and Pepper & Tanky eau du parfum is born!