Dogs are considered as the best companion for the human being as every person loves to keep their pet as a dog. Dogs are like humans, because they are highly social animals and they help in all their household activities. The loyalty and the affection a dog have on its owners knew no bound as they will not leave them alone and will accompany them. In many of the houses, dogs become one of the family members. Dogs plays over a plenty of roles in the society from a pet dog to the trained dogs which helps the officers in the investigation department. They also act as a hunting companion, a protector and as a friend for a human being. As most of them will have a dog in their home, it became a common question for everyone that, how to make your home dog friendly? Here are some tips given to change your home to become a dog friendly one and they are listed below:

  • Avoid rugs and carpets
  • Avoid open wires
  • No white or light coloured upholstery
  • Grow pet safe indoor plants

Avoid rugs and carpets –Flooring is one of the important things you should look at to have a dog friendly home. Home should contain hardwood floors or the tiles with an easy clean texture. You should avoid rugs and carpets on the floor which is not good for both the dogs and as well as you.

Store fragile and precious items high –The dogs love to play with all the stuffs in the home. So you should not keep any chemical items or the glasses at the place where they play.

Avoid open wires – Most of the apartments and the houses come with the concealed wiring. But still a house consists of lamp, TV, cables which lie hanging at a height where a dog can easily catch. So this kind of wires should be avoided.

No white or light coloured upholstery – No matter whether it is a cushion covers, curtains or any other clothes, light colours should be avoided. You can have a leather material to avoid such things in home.

Place pet friendly indoor plants –The house should contain plants which does not cause any unease to the pets. There are more pet friendly plants available in the market and you can buy them based on their safety.

Keep your home clean – To make your home dog friendly, the foremost thing you should do is keep your home safe and clean. You should have a good vacuum cleaner because the dog hairs will be more and this will cause infection both to the humans and the dogs. You should brush the dog outside of the house, so that you can avoid the dead hair come inside your home. Dogs should be considered as one of the members of your family and should be treated the same.