Product Review: Pepper & Tanky Eau du Parfum


I am soooo excited because we got samples of Pepper & Tanky eau du parfum in the mail. I had first discovered them at Pet Fashion Week in August and fell in love with their line of scents for dogs.

Pepper & Tanky is a eau du parfum made in France designed by Christina Kegeyan and Jasmine Oganesyan together with a French parfumer. It is named after Christina’s Cairn Terrier, Pepper, and Pit Bull, Tanky . It is 100% safe and is paraben-free and hypo-allergenic. I I love that they have four different scents so each of my chihuahuas can smell different from each other. The scents Pepper & Tanky come in are:

  • Vanilla Woof is my FAVORITE. It is a “chypre floral fragrance with fruity hints and sweet vanilla scent.” This is Chico’s new signature scent. It makes him smell so sweet and yummy.
  • Peaches n’ Cream is my next favorite scent. It is an “opulent floral and fruity combination.” It smells like sweet peaches toned down with a light floral scent. It’s my favorite scent to put on Bebe.
  • Puppy Love is a “light and refreshing blend of bergamot, amber and jasmine.” It smells sort of like a light baby powder but it isn’t too overwhelming. I like this scent for a day-time scent for Manny.
  • Big Dawg is an “aromatic medley of bergamot and neroli with a touch of lavender and musk.” This one is a very manly scent. It smells like a mens cologne or aftershave. I like it for Manny when we go out for the night with the doggies to pet cocktail parties and such.

Pepper & Tanky eau du parfum is not like the perfume that you use for yourself. You should never use human perfumes and colognes on dogs. They use too much alcohol in them which is irritating to the sensitive coats and skins of your dogs. Pepper & Tanky uses less alcohol and has a blend of natural oils. Having less alcohol also is nice because I think that with less alcohol you can smell the scented oils better and you don’t have the overwhelming scent that many human perfumes and colognes can have. The doggies aren’t sneezing or rolling around to try to get the scent off like they do with many other pet colognes that use up to 90% alcohol because Pepper & Tanky only uses 40% alcohol.

When I spray the dogs with the Pepper & Tanky eau du parfum, I like to spray it into the palm of my hands and massage it along the dogs back, chest, around the head (not too close to the face), and down their legs. The dogs LOVE perfume time now because it means that they get to have a massage!

I’ve noticed that this scent lasts a really long time. I sprayed the dogs three days ago and I could still smell the scent on them last night. I gave them a bath last night and reapplied it on them and they smell so delicious. I love it when people pick up the dogs to give them kisses and say “WOW! Your dogs smell AMAZING!!” I’ve been getting that a lot lately now that they have been wearing Pepper & Tanky.

Pepper & Tanky comes in a 2 oz. size bottle. The design of the bottle is so cute because it comes with a atomizer which, in my opinion, makes spritzing fun. It is $44 a bottle and you can purchase it at or check out the other store locations that sell their products HERE. I just ordered a bottle of Vanilla Woof and used the $25 gift certificate I won in a contest from Posh Puppy Boutique.



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