At Pepper & Tanky, we are committed to creating the highest quality Eau du Parfum for all dogs. Our mission is to provide exceptional products that are also safe and dog-friendly. Each fragrance is custom blended in France and uses only the finest natural oils available. We have designed a unique collection of Eau du Parfum that is perfect for every pooch!

Whether your dog likes to be a pampered pooch, or is a little more rough-and-tumble, we are confident your dog will take notice to how much you care! Pepper & Tanky will make your dog feel as if they’ve just been to the poshest spa, while keeping them smelling fresh in between grooming appointments and baths.

Pepper & Tanky is more than an Eau du Parfum for dogs. It’s a token of love and appreciation for the furry companion who’s always been there and shown unconditional love! Every dog should have one.™


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