Pepper & Tanky fragrances for dogs

pepper-tankyPepper & Tanky is a new line of fragrances for dogs, debuting with four hypo-allergenic, paraben-free scents: Big Dawg, Vanilla Woof, Peaches n’ Cream and Puppy Love.

Big Dawg (shown) ~ “A aromatic medley of Bergamot and Neroli, with a touch, of lavender and musk that creates this ideal scent for the sophisticated modern dog.”

Vanilla Woof ~ “A splendid chypre floral fragrance, with fruity hints and sweet vanilla that any doggie will desire.”

Peaches n’ Cream ~ “An opulent floral and fruity combination that will win the hearts of your sassy dog.”

Puppy Love ~ “A light refreshing blend of bergamot, amber, and jasmine are perfectly balanced to make your pooch smell fresh and cuddly…”

Pepper & Tanky Big Dawg, Vanilla Woof, Peaches n’ Cream and Puppy Love are available in 60 ml Eau de Parfum for $44 each. They can be purchased at the Pepper & Tanky website.

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